Visste ni att?

Together with DVA we created
Christmas is Åhléns most important sales period, this makes the Christmas campaign the most important one. Åhléns really is the number one Christmas department store where you can find everything you need for Christmas
2020 offers a new challenge, it’s quite possible that we can’t celebrate together with our families, especially the elderly and risk groups, due to restrictions because of the Corona virus.
Åhléns wanted to help. With a message that there is more that keeps us together than keeps us apart.

Unique users: 126,314
Questions asked: 158,907
Reach: 67 countries

Visste Ni Att is a digital parlour game for everybody, in your browser. The game allows you to get to know new things about each other at the same time as you see and hear each other from a distance. Each player answers a few questions which the other players guess the answer to. No points, prices or winners. Just a true conversation starter and a great way to see each other during challenging circumstances.

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Client: Åhléns
Agency: DVA